Thursday, May 7, 2009

Purchase College Podcast

Check out my Podcast on what it is like to be a purchase college student!

Purchase College CULTURE SHOCK!!

Every year when the weather starts to become warm again and spring is in the air all of the students at Purchase College start to get ready for the huge event CULTURE SHOCK!!! It happens once a year in April and is looked forward to by all of the Purchase College campus. Culture Shock is a two day event featuring carnavil games, food, rides, and a stage with constant music from in the afternoon to late into the night.
This years Culture Shock was a particular good one. Some of the bands featured were bands such as Murphys Law, Streetlight Manafesto, and Drake on friday and The Dear Hunter and The Cool Kids on saturday, just to name a few off the top of my head.
Culture Shock has a little something for everyone and is just one of the many events that makes Purchase College such a unique place.

Purchase College Videos

Check out the videos I made about Purchase College. The pictures in these videos show a little bit of what happens at Purchase College and how fun it is to live and learn here!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My first Purchase adventure

Recently I was talking to one of my friends here at Purchase trying to come up with something good to blog about. We ended up talking about our adventures we have had around Purchase college. When things seem boring you can always find stuff to do. It was our freshman year at Purchase and everyone was out because of the parents day weekend. It was the first time my friend Michelle and I had really hung out.
Our adventure began with us walking around campus just exploring a little since we didn't know the campus fully yet at that time. Our exploring then became us collecting balloons that were up because of the parents day weekend. After there were no more balloons to collect we wandered into the hub where we ran into a friend of Michelle's named Matt which soon became my friend.
We then followed Matt to a guitar circle. Guitar circles are one of the things I love most about purchase in the fall and spring. We ended our night hanging out with a group of people that none of us really knew but were really happy to invite us into their group.
My Freshmen year of college was full of fun stuff like this. There is always stuff to do even if it seems cold and boring make your own fun and you will enjoy your college experience.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Getting board think about smores!

Sometimes (especially winters) at purchase it can get a little boring, but don't be discouraged by nothing to do. Think of something new to do!! Create something new and exciting or bring back old memories from your childhood. For example an exciting way my friends and I passed the time was by recently making smores! It was a good way to keep warm around the fire (saftly made in the designated barbacue) and nothing beats a smore fully completed with a roasted marshmellow.

Smores by far arn't the only way to pass the time. So put your heads together with your friends and come up with something new and exciting to do!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

About Art and Bricks

If you have every been to SUNY Purchase you probably have noticed that it is a world of all types of art and a lot of bricks. This blog will elaborate on the different kinds of art that happens inside the world of bricks as well as Purchase life in general.
Check back soon because there is more to come!