Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My first Purchase adventure

Recently I was talking to one of my friends here at Purchase trying to come up with something good to blog about. We ended up talking about our adventures we have had around Purchase college. When things seem boring you can always find stuff to do. It was our freshman year at Purchase and everyone was out because of the parents day weekend. It was the first time my friend Michelle and I had really hung out.
Our adventure began with us walking around campus just exploring a little since we didn't know the campus fully yet at that time. Our exploring then became us collecting balloons that were up because of the parents day weekend. After there were no more balloons to collect we wandered into the hub where we ran into a friend of Michelle's named Matt which soon became my friend.
We then followed Matt to a guitar circle. Guitar circles are one of the things I love most about purchase in the fall and spring. We ended our night hanging out with a group of people that none of us really knew but were really happy to invite us into their group.
My Freshmen year of college was full of fun stuff like this. There is always stuff to do even if it seems cold and boring make your own fun and you will enjoy your college experience.

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